ISO Certification and LEAN Management

Quality Control and ISO Certification

BSI Assurance Mark

Healthlink  is 100% dedicated to the medical device industry. All dedicated warehouse locations in the USA and the Netherlands are audited and certified on a yearly basis by the BSI. Our ERP system Exact Globe is validated according to FDA: CFR 21 part 11.

HealthLink has a professional solid QA team lead by our Sr. QA manager; who is RA certified, PhD and MsC. Together with our QA manager they are leading constant quality awareness programs, under the umbrella of the ISO13485 certificate.

LEAN management

  • All employees are trained by an official lean management company with trainers  at a master black belt level.
  • All newcomers follow the same program and, training includes: Value Stream, Flow, Pull, Perfection, Waste, Tools (5s), standardization, Kaizen, improvements and visual management. 
  • Our Director of Customer Care Division leads the LEAN management program and committee.                                     
  • We have three Green Belt certified employees currently working for HealthLink.
  • The improvements made are on a customer specific level, driven by each Team-Lead for their individual teams and part of the yearly evaluation of each employee.

We are actively stimulating a critical view on the day-to-day operations to keep improving the activities. These improvements are leading to cost and/or to process changes.

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